Red Dirt Rocker

Red Dirt Rocker
Y/A novel by Jody French--Inspired by the adventures of musician- Forrest French

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Making this tonight----It is THE BEST!!!!!! One of our family's favorites----we've had the beef, shredded on rolls with the horseradish sauce (OMGeeez) and also as a roast with mashed potatoes~~Cannot tell you how delicious this is! Easy t
oo---Monty's on vacation this week---it'll be fun having time off this time of the year. Can't wait to make all the Halloween treats and decorate more Wednesday. Forrest and the band will be playing at Trunk-Or-Treat at FBC Wednesday night also...they're dressing as an 80's rock band...let's just say Forrest fit into a pair of Miley Ray Cyrus stretch leopard print jeans that are a woman's size 3---- lol Hope everyone has a great weekend---

Monday, October 22, 2012


Forrest and I made pies after he got home from school today.  He made his first pumpkin pie and I made Paula Deans Chocolate Pie.  It reminded me of when he used to go to Kindergarten for half a day.  I would pick him up at noon and we'd spend the afternoons doing fun things.  Glad he stayed close this year, and was able to take his college courses locally in Tulsa.  I sure am enjoying this extra time.  I'm a blessed Mama.

Here's the link to the pie Forrest made.  It's the droolingly-delicious Eagle Brand recipe!


Best of luck to Taylor Swift on her  new CD release today!!  RED!!!!!!
Can't wait to get it!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I do this thing.  I would venture to say that anyone else with a mind for the creative does this as well.  I wake up between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. and begin writing in my head...I'm exhausted from only four hours of sleep last night but, on the bright side, I now have notes for two more chapters of my second novel, "Rock Angel."  I wanted to wake someone up and tell them how excited I was that my plot was developing nicely.  I lay there, beside my passed out husband, smiling at my self-proclaimed, clever ideas. I kind of feel alone, except for the voices and images inside my head---is that normal?

 They need to make a hot line for this.  "Hello---are you there...yes...ok...I have this idea for the main character.  It involves a walk around the block.  Technology has deserted the streets where years ago, skateboards and bicycles riddled the sidewalks.  Enter a cute, chubby neighborhood boy---he's  sitting on his porch eating Cheetos---she talks him into shooting hoops with her.  He gets Cheeto-cheese on the b-ball.  They become friends, she brings him a CD the next day etc., etc.  Just wait and all ties's heartwarming!"  Voice on other end of the phone.  "Wow!! I can't wait to read your new book!  Keep up the great work Mrs. French!!  I'm right here if you need anymore inspiration or encouragement!  Keep writing!!  Keep writing!! beeeep...Your credit card will be billed $19.95.  Enjoy your morning!"

I wish there was a device that could plug into my ear and automatically type out all the ideas I have in the wee hours of the morning. My most productive hours.  Reality hits with the rising of the sun.

AMC's "Walking Dead" just came on.  Gotta go.  Tonight I'm dreaming of zombies.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


It's October...Sooner football is in high gear, the the leaves are changing, but that's not all that's changed in the past couple of weeks.  I was saddened to find out that local Tulsa morning rock jocks, Phil Stone and Brent Douglas have left our incredible classic rock station, KMOD---Phil and Brent had been with KMOD for over 25 years.

Forrest's very first  live radio show performance was on the morning show with Phil and Brent when he was just 11 years old.  He got to sing a song from his band's original, and somewhat corny and juvenile set, and also a cover or two.  I believe he sang Metallica's, "Wherever I May Roam," and Guns and Roses."Knockin' on Heaven's Door." This set the stage for the big time buzz in the Tulsa area regarding Forrest's vocals and his band's way beyond their years talent.  Phil and Brent made he and his band mates feel so right at home in the intimidating radio studio, with all its illuminated buttons, bells and whistles.  They had us all in stitches the entire time.  Just like in my book Red Dirt Rocker, Phil and Brent razzed Forrest each time he appeared on their show, asking him how his voice could be so deep and mature sounding since he hadn't even hit puberty yet.  His lack of facial hair and dating situations were always on the forefront of their conversations.  Forrest took their good natured teasing with a grain of salt.  He would continually "see them" a clever comment, and "raise them" a quip of quick witted banter as their, never-a-dull-moment interviews ensued---  Phil and Brent were two amazing, very cool dudes to spend a morning with. As Forrest put it with such poetic elegance when he was there for his first live interview, "They were two old farts that were still a lot of fun to be around!"  I have that quote on record.

One comment I remember with most fondness as a parent, was when Phil asked Forrest if he appreciated school.  I'll never forget that when Forrest told them that he loved school dearly and was actually interested in his studies, both Phil and Brent praised Forrest for his self admitted nerdiness.  They gave him great advice, wished him the best of luck, and said they hoped he never got totally jaded by the music business, which can truly eat your lunch.   They certainly knew that if your not careful, being a rock star can get the best of you, (or should I say, can bring the "worst of you" to the surface if you let it get to your head.)  I really respected them for taking a break from all their teasing to have a bit of heartfelt conversation with Forrest.  I know he did as well.

Our Rainbow Station, 97.5 KMOD lost a big part of it's color and shine when Phil and Brent left this month.  I'm sure the great classic rock music will continue to flow from it's radio waves, but Phil and Brent, and The Morning Zoo will be dearly missed by this rock mom.


BLAST FROM THE PAST~  Forrest with the gorgeous and inspirational Miss Taylor Swift at the Poll Star Awards in L.A.~~  They look like they could be bro and sis!!!  (The younger (shorter) brother :)  Wonderful memories!! Forrest said she looked just like a beautiful china doll!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Forrest on the set of the film festival short, "In Current Season."
He played the character of Sam---a young man who knows there's more to life outside of his small, home town.
The character role was spot on for him!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The crispy red, orange, yellow and brown leaves click and scratch along the sunlit street, trying to hang on to the sidewalk one more day, one more minute, one more second, as the chilled breath of fall blows them at will. Beautiful October morning walk~~ jf

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just Hanging Out At The Tracks~

I love this picture of Forrest and I.  We were asked to be on the cover of the book, "Acoustic Reads," and this was one of the shots from the campaign.

The one that ended up on the cover is of us sitting on the porch of a beautiful older home that's a bed and breakfast now on the main street of Coweta.  This shot below is in the body of the Anthology of poetry, short stories and photographs.  It was an honor.

Thanks to Ashley McCorcle who took the shot.  It will always be very special to me!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today I decided that I needed a day with my son doing something fun.  Oddly enough, one of his favorite past times is finding new recipes and preparing them, so I invited him to Starbucks, and a trip with Mama to the grocery store.  Our white chocolate latte and salted carmel coffee got us buzzing and off we went.  Two stores later we had all the exotic ingredients for our dinner, (had to hit store number two for a pomegranate and coconut oil.)  It all turned out amazing!

We made Talapia on a bed of kale steamed in butter, red wine vinegrette, and garlic, topped  with pomegranate seeds, celery, and green onion sauteed in coconut oil (we opted for the spray pan coat coconut oil for healthier choice) and brown rice fragranced with Old Bay spice with fresh squeezed lemon---one of my new all-time favorite dishes.

It's been great that Forrest is on a big time work out regime and only eating healthy, high in protein meals.  The bad part is, I'm the one sneaking into the Oreo cookies now, because I feel guilty if he sees me eating badly. He was the one that used to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The other down shot is that my house smells like eggs and tuna much of the time. Protein, protein, protein.  Thank goodness for Febreeze!!

Anyway, it was a great day with my youngest child.  Cooking adventures are always very rewarding.  YUM~~Hope you all get a chance to try a recipe that you've never made before soon, or maybe just a, hot, rich, caffiene ladden beverage from Starbucks to get you going.

Homecoming Queen!

Morgan is Coweta's 2012 Homecoming Queen!!  Congratulations, beautiful Morgan!! 

Fall Break starts tomorrow.  My goal over the break is to get the virus on my computer wiped out so that I can retrieve the first two chapters of my new book, "Rock Angel."  My sister is heading out to go trail riding for the week in Texas.  I'll have to admit, I'm jealous.  I'm ready for some back-to-nature time.  Somehow, pitching a tent in my back yard by the pool, as its freshly strapped down cover flaps in the wind doesn't sound as exciting.  Maybe I can talk Forrest into a little night time jam session.  We can start a little bon fire with all the limbs that blew down from our trees in the storm the other night, in the garden area that's filled with dried, dead plants and tomato cages.  I'll close my eyes and pretend I'm around a trail ride camp fire with horses nickering by their trailers.

Have a great day all and enjoy your break!

Friday, October 12, 2012

CANCER SUCKS! Morgan's Fight---My Fight~~

Tonight is Homecoming for the Coweta Tigers, and there have been lots of crazy festivities this week at the schools.  Morgan Mitchell, a Senior at Coweta, is up for Homecoming Queen.  What a beatiful young lady she is.  She just found out recently, that her cancer has come back for the third time.  Where most girls fret over what cute outfit to wear to school that day, Morgan probably wonders if she's going to have hair for prom that year.  (She didn't last year, and Forrest said she was one of the prettiest girls there that night---they had a blast dancing and taking pics.) 

Cancer has affected my family greatly over the past couple of years.  Two of my nieces, both under the age of 23 at the time, have delt with and are dealing with cancer, my little sister Shannon had a double mastectomy and chemo after finding out that she had breast cancer, and my dad just had a tumor removed from his thyroid a couple of weeks ago.  To put it bluntly...CANCER SUCKS! 

My prayers are with anyone that is dealing with the disease, either themselves or a family member.  Morgan is up for Homecoming Queen tonight.  She would surely look gorgeous in the crown.  Our town-wide slogan is, "Morgan's Fight--My Fight."  Morgan and all my family members that have had to fight the sucky disease of cancer are my heroes...they inspire me every day.

Much love and support---and Go Tigers!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I'm the kind of person that believes in speaking things into existence.  So, I'm going to go ahead and speak my non-existant book trailer for Red Dirt Rocker into existence now.  Forrest told me last night that he will help me produce a little video.  Now I just have to talk him into "starring" in it.  I'm thinking a quaint tour of Coweta, Oklahoma, Sticky Buns Donut Shop, (which will give me an excuse to get a maple bar--yum) the football field, and pics from memory lane, accomanied by some of the songs that are featured in Red Dirt Rocker.  I'm invisioning a cameo of Forrest driving down a country lane in  his old Chevy pick up truck, singing off key to Taylor Swift's, "You Belong With Me," etc.

Can't wait to get started...should be fun!

Hope everyone is having a great week, and has their halloween costumes picked out.  We're going to have an adorable curly haired clown, ferocious/cuddley dinosaur, sweet Elmo, and a cotton candy pink, bunting baby unicorn running around, consuming candy at my house!   So excited!!

I'll keep everyone updated as to when the book trailer will be premiered :) 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Miles In The Dark

Last night as I cuddled under my favorite quilt in my most comfy yoga pants, Forrest texts me.  "Can you come to the track?" was all it said.  It's after 8:00, the sun has gone down, it's very cold outside, and my "guilty pleasure" show, The Housewives of New York Reunion, was just getting ready to start.  I texted him back, "why?"  He just said, "you'll see."  Great I think.  Did he dent his truck in, get punched in the face, etc.  So---I get up, pull on jeans and my big puffy winter coat, get in my car and head to the track across town.  I pull up and see his truck, but no Forrest.  I wander out with hesitation to the seemingly abandoned, dark track and see a lone figure running with hoodie pulled overhead.  It's Forrest, but as he nears me he keeps running.  He starts another lap.  Now I'm worried.  Is he so upset that he can't even talk to me...why am I HERE?!  I walk toward him a second time as he nears the bend once more.  He continues to run past me, but faster and motions for the finish line.  As he sprints past the line, he turns, throws down his headphones and stumbles a couple steps my way.  I put my hand on his shoulder and ask what's wrong...what's going on.  He just huffs and says, "I just ran 10 miles for the first time ever, and I didn't want to finish alone."  I was so relieved and hug him up.  Forrest isn't a runner.  He lifts weights, but when he runs, it's never for 10 miles.  He had been running (and praying) for and hour and a half solid. He wanted his Mama there when he accomplished his goal---he didn't want to be alone. As much of a pain that it was to get dressed and leave my warm house on a dark chilly night for reason unknown, I was so proud that he called me. He knows that I'll always be there---he'll never be alone~~ 

Friday, October 5, 2012


HELP!!!!  My computer got that dang FBI virus and is now holding the first two chapters of my new book, Rock Angel, hostage!!!  Zip file---zip file---zip file---backup everytime Jody---(that was a note-to-self.)

I hope to find an able bodied computer geek to retrieve my brain cells.

So how was your week?

On a good has cooled off to a hoodie-snugglin' 55 degrees here in Oklahoma.  I'm ready for some, afghan covered, back porch, Forrest playing acoustsic guitar, with a fire burning pinon wood in the chimanea time!!!  Yeah Fall <3  (I've never spelled "chimanea", but I like saying it---hope that was right :)
I got home from sub-ing at the middle school to Forrest and his buddy Ty standing in the driveway with their thermal shirts, jeans and boots on, just grinning away.  When I asked where they were going they said, "nowhere, were just standing outside enjoying the weather!"---Said they were excited to break out the Fall clothing~ lol---  boys.

Enjoy your weekend all!  I think I'm going to switch to yellow legal pad writing from now on!